Irish News Cryptic Crossword August 12 2022 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword August 12 2022 Answers:

Endowed with enthusiasm but sacked 5 letters FIRED
Foreign money required for a sea trip 7 letters PIASTRE
Well-disciplined medical attendant 7 letters ORDERLY
Torpedoed but don’t let go we hear 5 letters HOLED
More exalted lake 8 letters SUPERIOR
Sums up little ones 4 letters TOTS
Devoid of opinions – don’t watch television so much! 8 letters VIEWLESS
Feel regret after tea? That’s correct 4 letters WAHR
For which coaches are needed to give instruction! 5 letters TRAIN
Do a meal in a trendy style? (124) 7 letters ALAMODE
By the end of November any red variety of fox 7 letters REYNARD
Member of the electorate on a sea voyage? (85) 13 letters
It’s dreadful in the crowd – I retreated 4 letters DIRE
Salary’s raised – settles the bill (42) 6 letters PAYSUP
Sportsmen will distort the tales 8 letters ATHLETES
Everything in neckwear matches 7 letters TALLIES
Some stamina needed for the trial (94) 13 letters
Some of the fatal antagonists for one thwarted by golden apples 8 letters ATALANTA
It’s used in oriental cosmetics 4 letters TALC

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