Irish News Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Young horse can be shot 4 letters COLT
Acted due to having been trained 8 letters EDUCATED
In the morning thus taken aback by the prophet 4 letters AMOS
Came back having to take new direction in marsh plant 8 letters RETURNED
Not a very good account by indigent member of the family (48) 12 letters
Making observations out with string 6 letters NOTING
Shopkeeper sounds more coarse 6 letters GROCER
Jailbird’s unequalled performance? (66) 12 letters
Half praised narcotic 8 letters LAUDANUM
A little drink knocked back in Italy 4 letters PISA
Half gasp at the close for paying out money 8 letters SPENDING
Fever in its vaguest sense 4 letters AGUE
Applause for doing better than about fifty 8 letters CLAPPING
Beware of the prospect (43) 7 letters LOOKOUT
Lives where there are hundreds of sources of water 6 letters DWELLS
Legal compulsion to be a suitor? (55) 10 letters COURTORDER
Dance makes sunburn disappear? 5 letters TANGO
Ancient queen who achieved nothing 4 letters DIDO
Wonderful resistance to accommodation for spectators 10 letters GRANDSTAND
He has had success to a degree 8 letters GRADUATE
Boasting a hundred with oars 7 letters CROWING
Going round the corner one after the other (24) 6 letters INTURN
Stir or put up to employment 5 letters ROUSE
With the addition of some sharp lusty strokes 4 letters PLUS

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