Irish News Cryptic Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

German river producing a characteristic smell we hear 4 letters ODER
Additional piece of wall decoration outside the building (5-5) 10 letters EXTRAMURAL
The movement of its sails may produce a grinding action 8 letters WINDMILL
The type to be found in the ring 4 letters RUBY
Open-mouthed at dreadful hags inside 6 letters AGHAST
Chap who takes part in the students’ carnival? 6 letters RAGMAN
Finding a suitable place for making observations we hear 6 letters SITING
Sarah loses her head – friend needed 4 letters ALLY
Surely it doesn’t consist of nice sour ‘am! (46) 10 letters MAINCOURSE
This appears in a word as hyphenated 4 letters DASH
Sounds like a pretty girl who’s taking the plunge! (64) 10 letters DIVINGBELL
Roes sent back in a rush 4 letters REED
Allowing no laxity in form 6 letters STRICT
The material he uses must be suitable! 6 letters TAILOR
Completely on strike with a justifiable claim… 8 letters OUTRIGHT
…don’t work for fifty in wages 4 letters PLAY
Good ideas shown by encephalograms? (5-5) 10 letters BRAINWAVES
Standing as a candidate and devoting oneself to a pursuit 8 letters APPLYING
It’s weighed before setting out 6 letters ANCHOR
Carries out a search and does the cleaning up 6 letters SCOURS
They’re bound to end up in somebody’s hands 4 letters ARMS
People are warned to take it 4 letters HEED

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