Irish News Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Irish News Cryptic Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Furniture turned by those who get their own back 6 letters TABLES
Send abroad as sold from the docks 6 letters EXPORT
Overpraise being less sparkling 7 letters FLATTER
He must have something 5 letters OWNER
We can lay 50 to 1 there isn’t another 4 letters LONE
… or 50-50 if one gets rid of the bumps 5 letters EVENS
Establish on a basis after a successful search it would seem 5 letters FOUND
Plant in an inferno 4 letters FERN
Many get branch to go up 5 letters CLIMB
Attractive enough to triumph over a few 7 letters WINSOME
Trusted but told untruths again 6 letters RELIED
Artist on the wheel? 6 letters TURNER
Not giving way being reserved about quarrel 7 letters STIFFLY
Gets in boats 7 letters OBTAINS
The pier could be pretty black 5 letters JETTY
Interpret former currency 7 letters EXPOUND
Nobleman must have a certain value 5 letters COUNT
Look at what the wise men saw and where 5 letters STARE
Report of calamity revealed in seance? (54) 9 letters GRAVENEWS
Garment with blue dot 7 letters DOUBLET
Bounce tied up again 7 letters REBOUND
Rue hand not being listened to 7 letters UNHEARD
Arrangement for music for 20 5 letters SCORE
Williams should be paid 5 letters BILLS
No test for industrial river 5 letters INDUS

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