Express Quick Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Express Quick Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Cause 5 letters BEGET
Hurtful 9 letters UPSETTING
Uncomplicated 15 letters STRAIGHTFORWARD
Within limits 9 letters TOADEGREE
Brightest star of Virgo 5 letters SPICA
Conned 7 letters CHEATED
Shriek 7 letters SCREECH
To begin with 7 letters ATFIRST
Person authorised to settle a dispute 7 letters ARBITER
Deceive 5 letters TRICK
Improperly 9 letters OUTOFTURN
Getting on 15 letters NOSPRINGCHICKEN
Trousers-and-bib garment 9 letters DUNGAREES
Nerdish 5 letters GEEKY
Hem in 5 letters BESET
Trash 7 letters GARBAGE
Period of three months 9 letters TRIMESTER
Taken led 7 letters USHERED
Cushions 7 letters SOFTENS
Fatigues 5 letters TIRES
Conceive of 7 letters IMAGINE
Influential male figure 9 letters GODFATHER
Humbled 9 letters CHASTENED
Spurning snubbing 9 letters REBUFFING
Shiver of excitement 7 letters FRISSON
Defeat overwhelmingly 7 letters TROUNCE
Assails 7 letters ATTACKS
Barrel-shaped cheese 7 letters TRUCKLE
Mild Indian curry 5 letters KORMA
Nitwit 5 letters NINNY

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