Express Quick Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Express Quick Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Dusk 9 letters NIGHTFALL
Close 4 letters NEAR
Greedy 9 letters RAPACIOUS
Cowardly 6 letters CRAVEN
Horse 5 letters STEED
Pithy 5 letters TERSE
Clock-face 4 letters DIAL
Afterwards 5 letters LATER
Way out 4 letters EXIT
Yellow-brown 5 letters AMBER
Trunk 5 letters TORSO
Indeed 6 letters REALLY
Liberal 9 letters BOUNTEOUS
Second Greek letter 4 letters BETA
Constituent 9 letters COMPONENT
Not hurt 9 letters UNSCATHED
Unskilful 9 letters MALADROIT
Persia 4 letters IRAN
Centre 5 letters HEART
Thwarted 6 letters FOILED
Noisy 4 letters LOUD
Insurgent 5 letters REBEL
Fight 5 letters SETTO
Incredulity 9 letters DISBELIEF
Minister 9 letters CLERGYMAN
Storms 5 letters RAGES
Shredded 6 letters TORNUP
Severe 5 letters STERN
Unaccompanied 4 letters SOLO
Destruction 4 letters RUIN

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