Express Quick Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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Express Quick Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Edgy 5 letters TENSE
Started 9 letters COMMENCED
Factory conveyors 15 letters PRODUCTIONLINES
Cognisant of one’s own nature 9 letters SELFAWARE
Armistice 5 letters TRUCE
Reprieve 7 letters RESPITE
Extracted part 7 letters EXCERPT
Existing in name only 7 letters NOMINAL
Male ballet dancer 7 letters DANSEUR
Pear-shaped tropical fruit 5 letters GUAVA
Top 9 letters NUMBERONE
Hypocrisy 15 letters DOUBLESTANDARDS
Bulges 9 letters SWELLINGS
Respond 5 letters REPLY
Sorts 5 letters TYPES
Thin strips of pasta 7 letters NOODLES
Copying 9 letters EMULATION
Small house 7 letters COTTAGE
Shad-like fish 7 letters MOONEYE
Flair 5 letters ECLAT
Vanquish 7 letters CONQUER
Person who disagrees 9 letters DISSENTER
Apostates 9 letters RENEGADES
Person in the running 9 letters CONTENDER
Yardstick 7 letters MEASURE
Alights atop 7 letters LANDSON
Belittles 7 letters DEMEANS
Vanity-feeding action 7 letters EGOTRIP
Garlic oil component 5 letters ALLYL
Treatise 5 letters ESSAY

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