Express Quick Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Express Quick Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Warm bakery item 7 letters HOTCAKE
Wanderer 5 letters NOMAD
Age 3 letters ERA
Capital 9 letters UPPERCASE
Commit crime 11 letters BREAKTHELAW
Classics teacher 11 letters LATINMASTER
True to life 9 letters REALISTIC
In favour of 3 letters PRO
Sound 5 letters NOISE
Not a thing 7 letters NOTHING
Group of directors 5 letters BOARD
Playing card 3 letters ACE
Miss 4 letters SKIP
Made solid 9 letters CONCRETED
Rower 7 letters OARSMAN
Bunks 6 letters BERTHS
Unproductive 9 letters FRUITLESS
Nearly 6 letters ALMOST
Look after 7 letters CAREFOR
Stadium 5 letters ARENA
Metal 4 letters IRON
Timid 3 letters SHY

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