Express Quick Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Express Quick Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Book of maps 5 letters ATLAS
Receive by succession 7 letters INHERIT
Cramming 7 letters PACKING
Oarsman 5 letters ROWER
At close quarters 10 letters HANDTOHAND
Abandoned 10 letters ONTHESHELF
Jewelled headdress 5 letters TIARA
One who seizes the throne 7 letters USURPER
Yellowish resin 7 letters SHELLAC
Synthetic material 5 letters NYLON
Residing temporarily 10 letters CAMPINGOUT
Loose 5 letters SLACK
Sparkling wine 4 letters ASTI
Scorched 6 letters SINGED
Form of carbon 8 letters CHARCOAL
Jemmy 7 letters CROWBAR
Irrelevant diversion 10 letters REDHERRING
Open to suggestion 8 letters AMENABLE
Cooked 7 letters STEAMED
Hip 6 letters HAUNCH
Fruit 5 letters APPLE
Vases 4 letters URNS

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