Express Quick Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Express Quick Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Stately 5 letters GRAND
Entertainer 9 letters PERFORMER
Very anxious 15 letters ABUNDLEOFNERVES
Foresighted 9 letters PRESCIENT
Flavour 5 letters TASTE
Put forward 7 letters POSITED
Obsolete 7 letters DEFUNCT
Shorten 7 letters ABRIDGE
Scuffed 7 letters SCRAPED
Weighty volumes 5 letters TOMES
___ poplar 9 letters TREMBLING
Rapturous applause 15 letters STANDINGOVATION
Exploded 9 letters DETONATED
Edgar ___ French artist 5 letters DEGAS
Seize 5 letters GRASP
Talismans 7 letters AMULETS
Devoted 9 letters DEDICATED
Make believe 7 letters PRETEND
Rebutted 7 letters REFUTED
Observable 5 letters OVERT
Progresses 7 letters MOVESON
Admired 9 letters RESPECTED
Skilful 9 letters PRACTISED
Rabble-rouser 9 letters FIREBRAND
Widespread 7 letters RAMPANT
No longer erupting 7 letters EXTINCT
Anabolic ___ 7 letters STEROID
Combination 7 letters PAIRING
Saloon car (US) 5 letters SEDAN
Group of species 5 letters GENUS

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