Express Crusader Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Lie to exasperate father 5 letters BEGET
Elevated location causing dismay 9 letters UPSETTING
A breeze directly ahead 15 letters STRAIGHTFORWARD
Partly amphibious creature perhaps regarding earth 9 letters TOADEGREE
A star orator listened to 5 letters SPICA
Angry post about getting bilked 7 letters CHEATED
Sound partition almost covering high openings 7 letters SCREECH
Initially on hand rider left halfway through 7 letters ATFIRST
Beer we had said judge 7 letters ARBITER
A three hundred grand fraud 5 letters TRICK
Wrongly rejected vessel frequently in front 9 letters OUTOFTURN
Old number (‘Free Bird’) 15 letters NOSPRINGCHICKEN
Clothing worn angered us 9 letters DUNGAREES
Golly Kelly gutted a dork! 5 letters GEEKY
Get ready to attack 5 letters BESET
Refuse to boast about distress 7 letters GARBAGE
A time to prune sick trees 9 letters TRIMESTER
Posh female communist escorted… 7 letters USHERED
…moderates in many cases aboard ship 7 letters SOFTENS
Neckwear grasping redhead wears out 5 letters TIRES
Wise guys parting in a key picture 7 letters IMAGINE
Crime boss from outside Germany interrupts rally 9 letters GODFATHER
Embarrassed fourth place character sped up 9 letters CHASTENED
A fan in Niger dealt with rejection 9 letters REBUFFING
Thrill heads of state seek after a day working 7 letters FRISSON
Rot about kinsman dropping large hammer 7 letters TROUNCE
Ace shirt with pins on it fits 7 letters ATTACKS
Cheese Rex added to food served with cutlet 7 letters TRUCKLE
A dish from York or Manchester 5 letters KORMA
Mug defaced in a tavern may last 5 letters NINNY

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