Express Crusader Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Barbara covers large spills 5 letters BLABS
Odd circles in new manuals 9 letters ANOMALOUS
Direct impudent child’s play 15 letters STRAIGHTFORWARD
Wicked developer said to succeed 9 letters SUPERSEDE
Stoop perhaps sheltering one going into downsides 5 letters DEIGN
Board without a bend remains 7 letters RESIDUE
A giant vial contents a queen 7 letters TITANIA
Error concerning second kitty’s return? 7 letters BLOOPER
Cook means to be accommodating 7 letters MAKEWAY
A model poses for assignments 5 letters TASKS
Flower left with old lady reversing into a road 9 letters STREAMLET
Canon dirties renovated cathedral with no regard for others 15 letters INCONSIDERATELY
Salt and pepper? They’re ill-defined 9 letters GREYAREAS
Sample put back a little later 5 letters TASTE
Source of boron unchanged 5 letters BASIS
Right answer for quiet bands 7 letters APROPOS
Rupert and Di’s blunder riled 9 letters STIRREDUP
Realise hard-hearted cop is after a first offender 7 letters ACHIEVE
Better following turned weird 7 letters OFFBEAT
Annoyance during a commercial broadcast 5 letters AIRED
Address a hunter’s taken towards 7 letters ORATION
Cast needs camera closer being in shot still 9 letters SEDENTARY
Soldiers interrupt legend making a false claim 9 letters REBUTTING
View not considered separate 9 letters TAKEAPART
An earpiece is close surprisingly 7 letters OSSICLE
Another seer has mine – that’s a relief! 7 letters RESPITE
Film fairs ending after good book fairs 7 letters MARKETS
Labourers work alongside senior people 7 letters WELDERS
Girl short of sound advice initially 5 letters SONIA
Something cooked with while talking 5 letters THYME

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