Express Crusader Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Coffee with prominent man in the street 9 letters JOEPUBLIC
Material for building that’s also small originally 4 letters SAND
Drove off and wandered 5 letters ROVED
Turn foot to find length of vehicle 9 letters WHEELBASE
Merit of French present 7 letters DESERVE
Food in gold ship – about time 7 letters SAUSAGE
Clan’s tartan – it gets distributed across the pond 13 letters TRANSATLANTIC
Lover sorts rib out for team 13 letters BRISTOLROVERS
Free concerning contract 7 letters RELEASE
At home their order is to receive 7 letters INHERIT
Gain one bag screwed up in motor home 9 letters WINNEBAGO
Pipe found in shrub 5 letters BRIAR
Place union after? Falsehood 4 letters LIEU
Large itch developed when sluggish 9 letters LETHARGIC
Civic obligation – a tax paid by twelve people 8 letters JURYDUTY
Abandons missing leader in part of roof 5 letters EAVES
Admire untested construction that’s misjudged 14 letters UNDERESTIMATED
Cheap let worn out 7 letters LOWRENT
Rachel searched around part of London 7 letters CHELSEA
Have canal diverted for deluge 9 letters AVALANCHE
Sidle off taking English fuel 6 letters DIESEL
Fear makes Arab oculist hop about 14 letters CLAUSTROPHOBIA
A doctor to turn weapon into a vehicle 9 letters AMBULANCE
Obscure fellow after directions to turn 8 letters ESOTERIC
Digital protection stirred elation 7 letters TOENAIL
Hooligan has help designed 7 letters LAIDOUT
Cloth wrapped around right implement 6 letters TROWEL
Regretting destruction to front of garage 5 letters RUING

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