Express Crusader Crossword March 6 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword March 6 2021 Answers:

Daughter rings Frenchman – it’s fate 4 letters DOOM
Very happy to have boar recipe expanded 10 letters ELABORATED
Not a new defence organisation 4 letters NATO
Drink to strange island for a start 10 letters JAMAICARUM
Not dangerous to get wave from criminal 11 letters SAFEBREAKER
Glib in movement turn to a student with two tongues 9 letters BILINGUAL
Constant distance is an easy thing 5 letters CINCH
Cruel sort of complaint 5 letters ULCER
Clerical sign to follow arrest 9 letters DOGCOLLAR
Guide to remove method of payment 11 letters DIRECTDEBIT
Finished with reason not to get the tube 10 letters OVERGROUND
Attempt to use a knife 4 letters STAB
Add my title in a crazy way it must be allowed 10 letters ADMITTEDLY
Bird in another nest 4 letters ERNE
Cheese makes Scandinavian depressed 10 letters DANISHBLUE
Disorganised and homeless 10 letters OUTOFPLACE
Permission to go 5 letters LEAVE
Corsair’s ensign is a sign to stop 9 letters BLACKFLAG
Note bird initially drawing biggest audience 11 letters RECORDCROWD
Some time in Outer Mongolia 4 letters TERM
Tip from the French politician 4 letters DUMP
Ban rigidity about a one or a zero 11 letters BINARYDIGIT
Child sees joint tribe production 10 letters ANKLEBITER
Generous putting new chair on list 10 letters CHARITABLE
Foreign articles finished insufficiently cooked 9 letters UNDERDONE
A clan flourished by some water 5 letters CANAL
Fish with a musical tail 4 letters CODA

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