Express Crusader Crossword January 24 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword January 24 2021 Answers:

Nervous senate ordered a cut 5 letters TENSE
Church entered praise began 9 letters COMMENCED
Words in a play? They’re worked on 15 letters PRODUCTIONLINES
A few split with earls knowing what they’re like 9 letters SELFAWARE
Reflective squaddie ending short ceasefire 5 letters TRUCE
A temporary cessation of malice 7 letters RESPITE
Bar entered by indoor back passage 7 letters EXCERPT
Token closer to an agitated oilman 7 letters NOMINAL
Dancer in a backstreet in France 7 letters DANSEUR
Governor commonly having heart of glass has peeled fruit 5 letters GUAVA
Pre-eminent person feeling less? 9 letters NUMBERONE
Different treatment of duplicate flags 15 letters DOUBLESTANDARDS
Lumps rising in front of someone saving face 9 letters SWELLINGS
Come back to bank accepting copper 5 letters REPLY
Some pretty pessimistic people 5 letters TYPES
Food that’s in unopened bags 7 letters NOODLES
Following bird when it’s caught by a cat 9 letters EMULATION
What gets contractor going – too much time building! 7 letters COTTAGE
Swimmer low on money going back east 7 letters MOONEYE
Dash around a city seen in a film 5 letters ECLAT
Prisoner with a question almost overcome 7 letters CONQUER
A rebel ship with a cop on board 9 letters DISSENTER
Perhaps Magritte and Degas used to be mavericks 9 letters RENEGADES
Note about sensitive competitor 9 letters CONTENDER
Unruly farmers use it taking first step 7 letters MEASURE
Lady with child strikes from above 7 letters LANDSON
Dive ending way after depth lowers 7 letters DEMEANS
Key turned by a reprobate as an act of narcissism 7 letters EGOTRIP
A radical associate with an angle 5 letters ALLYL
Paper read after Express disheartened 5 letters ESSAY

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