Express Crusader Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Conclude with ten meeting royal junior 8 letters INFERIOR
Bring out equipment originally legal 6 letters ELICIT
Vocalist admitting pair with small vessel – one used by the Spanish dog 15 letters SPRINGERSPANIEL
Feline with a large sum of money for plant 7 letters CATMINT
Popular street found by worker with tick 7 letters INSTANT
Hothead on about rage with dependant 8 letters HANGERON
Alan’s broadcast relating to the nose 5 letters NASAL
Drunk near a stadium 5 letters ARENA
Assembled listeners due a nice alternative 8 letters AUDIENCE
Clear a backlog finding hidden disadvantage at university 7 letters CATCHUP
Choose one state relating to sight 7 letters OPTICAL
Adopt hippest pet go out and get narrowly beaten 15 letters PIPPEDATTHEPOST
National leader strange man indicated agreement 6 letters NODDED
Beer she spilt welcoming Conservative in trousers 8 letters BREECHES
Fly with trendy religious group 6 letters INSECT
Excellent initial charge 9 letters FIRSTRATE
Managing when racing 7 letters RUNNING
Finished on time it’s not concealed 5 letters OVERT
A lion is disturbing meeting 7 letters LIAISON
Feature a ceramic material 5 letters CHINA
Informer initially taking every local lieutenant beer 8 letters TELLTALE
It’s allocated when autographed 8 letters ASSIGNED
Gather fruit and return 8 letters REAPPEAR
Dismiss fool with hard material 9 letters SACKCLOTH
With impudence criticise cooking vessel 8 letters SAUCEPAN
A Conservative greeting woman is to perform successfully 7 letters ACHIEVE
Severe former partner with unreliable meter 7 letters EXTREME
Dishes with assorted petals 6 letters PLATES
Woman with domestic animal turning up slightly warm 5 letters TEPID
Some robot terrifying animal 5 letters OTTER

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