Express Crusader Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Wise and avid about fur 9 letters ADVISABLE
Note about success 4 letters CHIT
Unadulterated energy – that’s smooth 5 letters PUREE
Copy article about holding record 9 letters REPLICATE
Warned Edward after real trouble 7 letters ALERTED
One race in converted dome gets left out 7 letters OMITTED
They’re struck by security at games 13 letters SAFETYMATCHES
Peter maybe seeing believer turning mean 13 letters CHRISTIANNAME
See about capturing head refugee 7 letters ESCAPEE
Paid and got comfortable 7 letters SETTLED
Leave bank – that’s some game 9 letters PARTRIDGE
Relative doesn’t start to loosen 5 letters UNTIE
Cricket match is a trial 4 letters TEST
Set a pitch out – most uneven 9 letters PATCHIEST
Evaluate a quiet worship 8 letters APPRAISE
Never serious about poetry 5 letters VERSE
Captors protest wildly – that event is good to watch 14 letters SPECTATORSPORT
British do more about lack of interest 7 letters BOREDOM
Make use of an adventure 7 letters EXPLOIT
Ambassador mixing asphalt in place of treatments 9 letters HEALTHSPA
In conclusion sample coating 6 letters TRENDY
Final act making veneer meet after gin cocktail 14 letters FINISHINGTOUCH
Confront eccentric singular kings and queens 9 letters FACECARDS
Leader before the others found on top of chair 8 letters HEADREST
Small youngster holding document not starting to accelerate 7 letters SPEEDUP
Examine phosphorus in creepy-crawly 7 letters INSPECT
Tyrant puts son in warehouse 6 letters DESPOT
Illuminated concerning quantity 5 letters LITRE

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