Express Crusader Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

King formerly with ace 5 letters GRAND
Agent’s turned against old artiste 9 letters PERFORMER
Big money ordered for seven twenty two? 15 letters ABUNDLEOFNERVES
Perceptive cop is in here 9 letters PRESCIENT
Sample some posset as test 5 letters TASTE
Suggested location in Hull 7 letters POSITED
Dead month without recreational time 7 letters DEFUNCT
An unfinished game cut short 7 letters ABRIDGE
Turning leaves tenor made cold rubbed 7 letters SCRAPED
I think afterwords end books 5 letters TOMES
Milk originally used in multiplying shakes 9 letters TREMBLING
Spectators might give one up 15 letters STANDINGOVATION
School boards no longer in having set off 9 letters DETONATED
He painted some nudes – blast! 5 letters DEGAS
See what ends boring file 5 letters GRASP
An animal Eliot initially charms 7 letters AMULETS
Diligent reviser indicated 9 letters DEDICATED
Imagine French ready to settle 7 letters PRETEND
Challenged delay holding unionists up 7 letters REFUTED
Closure of plant after remaining open 5 letters OVERT
Heavenly body undergarment almost contained goes forward 7 letters MOVESON
Esteemed commie catches spook right away 9 letters RESPECTED
Expert backing fish diet’s wrong 9 letters PRACTISED
Rebel when returning to get a makeover 9 letters FIREBRAND
Rearing sheep breathe heavily 7 letters RAMPANT
Gone past a fool turned around at last 7 letters EXTINCT
Another deist or bodybuilder? 7 letters STEROID
Expression on the face of profligate marrying 7 letters PAIRING
She emptied and adjusted a seat 5 letters SEDAN
Family group upsetting a star perhaps 5 letters GENUS

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