Express Crusader Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Make no bid to overtake 4 letters PASS
Feeble sort of rhyme 10 letters NAMBYPAMBY
Castle hiding head of stream 4 letters ROOK
No chance – hardly a solemn request 10 letters NOTAPRAYER
Newton moves there and comes down to the country 11 letters NETHERLANDS
Highly regarded agent on universal list 9 letters REPUTABLE
Mention freer translation 5 letters REFER
Old ship new element 5 letters ARGON
Assents in improving unpleasant quality 9 letters NASTINESS
Opponents saved broadcast acquiring right sign 11 letters ADVERSARIES
Points rude part out delighted 10 letters ENRAPTURED
Coffee island 4 letters JAVA
Politician triste about thickhead writer 10 letters LIBRETTIST
Humorous image looks self-obsessed! 4 letters MEME
Soldier finds two men beyond understanding 10 letters PARANORMAL
Wears errand boy found at the back 10 letters SPORTSPAGE
Island forming a ring 5 letters ATOLL
Stupid to praise wet weather inside 9 letters BRAINLESS
Seek airport rebuilding and restructuring 11 letters PERESTROIKA
County showing might on top 4 letters MAYO
Very arduous going round garden 4 letters YARD
A pet leaping put in new order not a cooker 11 letters EATINGAPPLE
Picture retained following one wild game 10 letters AFTERIMAGE
Informant and traitor but a harmless creature 10 letters GRASSSNAKE
Rely on skip – a secure place 9 letters BANKVAULT
Rushes to get some instruments 5 letters REEDS
Explosive start missing horrible place 4 letters HELL
Food for a youngster 4 letters GRUB

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