Express Crusader Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Take colic treatment for a parrot 9 letters COCKATIEL
Foundation is corrupt 4 letters BASE
Fool to return after dictator 5 letters IDIOT
They have their own luck for starters 9 letters BEGINNERS
Song plays out in company 7 letters CALYPSO
Work for way to take a victory 7 letters TRAVAIL
Outwardly old-fashioned is gangster not having last couple treated differently 13 letters DISCRIMINATED
A lout appeared odd where people live 13 letters POPULATEDAREA
Expert sailor embraces artist supporting the Middle East 7 letters PROARAB
Amazed when horse gets three points 7 letters STUNNED
Young woman during storm finding aromatic plant 9 letters GALINGALE
Faith in a financial arrangement 5 letters TRUST
Initially to us king is a bit of an elephant 4 letters TUSK
Unknown listener visiting all the time 9 letters YEARROUND
Pound say and Euro detectives accepted appear simultaneously 8 letters COINCIDE
Relax around prominence 5 letters CHILL
Cosmetic deployed at nipper’s train 14 letters ANTIPERSPIRANT
Trendy cleaner changes sides having flowers 7 letters INBLOOM
Cheer obtained from slight entertainment 7 letters LIGHTEN
Great man put old article inside tree 9 letters ALEXANDER
When one enters cathedral city without difficulty 6 letters EASILY
Resultant debut distributed and spread 14 letters UNSALTEDBUTTER
Close shop upsetting tragedian 9 letters SOPHOCLES
Authorised went out with fellow first 8 letters MANDATED
Sign next to railway building 7 letters LIBRARY
Woman has hesitation getting a tile 7 letters TESSERA
Peg gets swine drunk outside 6 letters SPIGOT
Run off taking gold to island nation 5 letters NAURU

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