Express Crusader Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Grabs a suit wrapped around Lemmy’s axe 10 letters BASSGUITAR
The first to embrace a hooligan 4 letters THUG
Unruly trio wandered round America 7 letters RIOTOUS
Instrument Ian smashed behind old vehicle 7 letters OCARINA
Idler professor round to object 9 letters DONOTHING
Furious buccaneer loses head 5 letters IRATE
Dog getting caught or soldier 5 letters CORGI
Prove his tables are wrong 9 letters ESTABLISH
Playing role – ‘madam’ – in play 9 letters MELODRAMA
Finished on time that’s obvious 5 letters OVERT
Ceremonies are what one is due in report 5 letters RITES
Yet another scale that’s inferior 9 letters THIRDRATE
Enjoy getting a sheep into drawing 7 letters DIAGRAM
Insult small spacecraft 7 letters SLANDER
Repeat in the choir 4 letters ECHO
Way about socialist shows urban style 10 letters STREETCRED
Heard directors getting fed up 5 letters BORED
Rogue moved closer and German went inside 9 letters SCOUNDREL
Downright rusty ruin is a rapidly developing business 14 letters GROWTHINDUSTRY
Use air to stimulate 7 letters INSPIRE
Surrounded by a majority including heartless nag 7 letters AMONGST
Laugh if answer is a port 5 letters HAIFA
Stolen fruit started as ammunition 9 letters GRAPESHOT
Raid performed by old expansive actors in transmission 14 letters RADIOBROADCAST
Sponge around brim – worked in city 9 letters CAMBRIDGE
European in Ireland rebuilt church interior 9 letters ICELANDER
Appeal to volunteers to return before venture 7 letters ATTEMPT
A hankie is being discussed 7 letters ATISSUE
Tradesmen start on every train 5 letters TEACH
Another redeveloper has made a mistake 5 letters ERRED

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