Express Crusader Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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Express Crusader Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Heads of dynamic industrial railroad track filth 4 letters DIRT
Old-fashioned about English vats – broken and shattered 10 letters DEVASTATED
Places to sleep in the county 4 letters BEDS
Rate new strange favourite hearing aid 10 letters EARTRUMPET
Defence group hired without a constitution 11 letters UNCHARTERED
Dawn say sees Harold escape 9 letters HALFLIGHT
Learn layout of the kidneys 5 letters RENAL
Different door has new form 5 letters RONDO
Two men from an earlier era 9 letters VICTORIAN
Magic space next to church meant ordering books 11 letters ENCHANTMENT
Judge intensity first that’s put on a bit 10 letters DEPTHGAUGE
Look for shelter on the right 4 letters LEER
Fresh head of operations learns about city 10 letters NEWORLEANS
Sweet nature outside but may erupt 4 letters ETNA
Young lady finding a university happy to reject European licentiousness 10 letters DEBAUCHERY
Mocking part of Yorkshire copper left one inside 10 letters RIDICULING
Former performance to be precise 5 letters EXACT
Developed rich trait when in pain 9 letters ARTHRITIC
Fulminate and run off – that was unexpected 11 letters THUNDERBOLT
The sort to use a machine to write 4 letters TYPE
Time for fruit 4 letters DATE
The large lot worked as a group 11 letters ALLTOGETHER
English tin used to fix attraction 10 letters ENTICEMENT
Arrange alien song in buildings 10 letters PLANETARIA
Go after chives – age varies 9 letters GIVECHASE
Old ship new element 5 letters ARGON
Brooding about god 4 letters ODIN
Disgorge sulphur on bench 4 letters SPEW

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