Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

True Life network 3 letters MTV
Top card 3 letters ACE
Actress Kate 4 letters MARA
Baseball’s Hershiser 4 letters OREL
Present location? 3 letters BOX
East of Eden twin 4 letters ARON
Assess 4 letters RATE
Financial pro 3 letters CPA
Fuzzy fruit 4 letters KIWI
Japanese city 5 letters KYOTO
Summit 4 letters ACME
Bottom line 3 letters SUM
Clan-related 6 letters TRIBAL
Tapas bar drink 7 letters SANGRIA
Vodka brand for short 5 letters STOLI
Pulitzer winner James 4 letters AGEE
Canine cry 3 letters ARF
Use scissors 4 letters SNIP
Livid 5 letters IRATE
Trumpets’ kin 7 letters CORNETS
Not as small 6 letters LARGER
Big snake 3 letters BOA
Frozen snowman 4 letters OLAF
Lustrous gems 5 letters OPALS
Arizona tribe 4 letters HOPI
Lion’s home 3 letters DEN
Get ready briefly 4 letters PREP
Ireland 4 letters ERIN
I love in Latin 3 letters AMO
Calendar span 4 letters YEAR
— Kong 4 letters HONG
Dust collector? 3 letters RAG
Blue hue 3 letters SKY
TV alien 4 letters MORK
Serving aid 4 letters TRAY
Presidential power 4 letters VETO
Alphabet starter 3 letters ABC
Nightclub of song 4 letters COPA
Precise 5 letters EXACT
Hurry up! 12 letters MAKEITSNAPPY
MSNBC’s Melber 3 letters ARI
Tier 3 letters ROW
Blackbird 3 letters ANI
Hurry up! 12 letters LETSGETGOING
Couple’s pronoun 3 letters OUR
— Miniver 3 letters MRS
Actress Farrow 3 letters MIA
Dog biscuit shape 4 letters BONE
Landed 4 letters ALIT
Kissers 4 letters LIPS
Go to sea 4 letters SAIL
Taj Mahal city 4 letters AGRA
Close 4 letters NEAR
Lob’s path 3 letters ARC
Watch chain 3 letters FOB
Snaky fish 3 letters EEL
Kanga’s kid 3 letters ROO
Doppler device 5 letters RADAR
Disaster aid org. 4 letters FEMA
War god 4 letters ARES
Tap problem 4 letters LEAK
Agile 4 letters SPRY
Sneaky laugh 3 letters HEH
Acapulco gold 3 letters ORO
Brooch 3 letters PIN

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