Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

Surrenders 5 letters CEDES
Tennis match division 3 letters SET
Cover 3 letters LID
Fold 5 letters PLEAT
Sch. founded by Jefferson 3 letters UVA
Blackbird 3 letters ANI
Shadow 5 letters UMBRA
Utter disaster 7 letters DEBACLE
Author Lurie 6 letters ALISON
Bump into 4 letters MEET
Soup cooker 3 letters POT
Cowboys quarterback Prescott 3 letters DAK
Has an intense craving 5 letters LUSTS
Actor Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Toothpaste holders 5 letters TUBES
Strange thing 6 letters ODDITY
Deceived 6 letters LIEDTO
Welsh pooch 5 letters CORGI
Bargain 4 letters DEAL
Downton — 5 letters ABBEY
ER workers 3 letters RNS
Quilters’ get-together 3 letters BEE
Tragic king 4 letters LEAR
Rum cocktail 6 letters MAITAI
TV anchor Norville 7 letters DEBORAH
Glee guitarist 5 letters ARTIE
Packed away 3 letters ATE
Historic period 3 letters ERA
Property claims 5 letters LIENS
Radiator sound 3 letters SSS
Tiara sparkler 3 letters GEM
Stows cargo 5 letters LADES
PC’s brain 3 letters CPU
Shade tree 3 letters ELM
Battled verbally 7 letters DEBATED
— Grey tea 4 letters EARL
Composed 5 letters STAID
Number puzzle 6 letters SUDOKU
Divisible by two 4 letters EVEN
Bar bill 3 letters TAB
Shoe fasteners 5 letters LACES
Cove 5 letters INLET
Losing ventures? 5 letters DIETS
Tickled 6 letters AMUSED
Nymph pursuer 5 letters SATYR
Kung — chicken 3 letters PAO
Vintage 3 letters OLD
Floral garland 3 letters LEI
Roman orator 6 letters CICERO
Russian pancakes 5 letters BLINI
Playpen item 3 letters TOY
Deducted 7 letters DEBITED
— kwon do 3 letters TAE
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE
Cracker type 6 letters GRAHAM
Actors Robert and Alan 5 letters ALDAS
Borscht base 5 letters BEETS
Innocents 5 letters BABES
Play for time 5 letters STALL
Stallion’s mate 4 letters MARE
Operatic solo 4 letters ARIA
Rule for short 3 letters REG
Chemical suffix 3 letters INE

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