Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Owned 3 letters HAD
Lingerie item for short 4 letters CAMI
iPhone downloads 4 letters APPS
Outback bird 3 letters EMU
Exodus author 4 letters URIS
Painter Joan 4 letters MIRO
Skier Tommy 3 letters MOE
Sushi bar quaffs 9 letters RICEWINES
Kebab accompaniment 5 letters PILAF
Aachen article 3 letters EIN
Editing mark 4 letters DELE
Musical symbols 5 letters NOTES
Goes crazy 8 letters RUNSWILD
Memory method 4 letters ROTE
Sashimi fish 3 letters AHI
The Crucible setting 5 letters SALEM
Snitch 3 letters RAT
Courage 4 letters GUTS
Full of 8 letters RIFEWITH
Bo Peep’s charges 5 letters SHEEP
Doc’s Now! 4 letters STAT
Table support 3 letters LEG
Bye Bye Bye band 5 letters NSYNC
Actual 9 letters REALWORLD
Vacuum’s lack 3 letters AIR
Leer at 4 letters OGLE
Pyramid part 4 letters BASE
Nipper’s co. 3 letters RCA
Afrikaner 4 letters BOER
Incite 4 letters SPUR
Cotillion celeb 3 letters DEB
Rope fiber 4 letters HEMP
Mine to Marcel 4 letters AMOI
Face-off 4 letters DUEL
Teens’ deadlines 7 letters CURFEWS
Onassis nickname 3 letters ARI
Amp plug-in 3 letters MIC
Got it 4 letters ISEE
C major relative 6 letters AMINOR
Brooch 3 letters PIN
Opposite of post- 3 letters PRE
Mayday! 3 letters SOS
Victory 3 letters WIN
Billboards 3 letters ADS
Tale teller 4 letters LIAR
Designer Perry 5 letters ELLIS
Actress Spelling 4 letters TORI
Coup d’— 4 letters ETAT
Third son 4 letters SETH
Alger’s before 4 letters RAGS
Nope! 4 letters UHUH
Evening in an ad 4 letters NITE
Skilled 4 letters DEFT
Gad about 7 letters MEANDER
eBay user 6 letters SELLER
Scale amts. 3 letters WTS
Church seat 3 letters PEW
Oodles 4 letters GOBS
Three feet 4 letters YARD
Pleasing 4 letters NICE
Beach crawler 4 letters CRAB
Filch 3 letters ROB
Conceit 3 letters EGO
Pub pint 3 letters ALE
Knock 3 letters RAP

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