Eugene Sheffer Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Stretchy fabric 5 letters LYCRA
TV spots 3 letters ADS
Clean air org. 3 letters EPA
Greeted a bully 5 letters BOOED
Salty expanse 3 letters SEA
Book spine abbr. 3 letters VOL
Shrimp variety 5 letters JUMBO
Fabric 7 letters TEXTILE
Analyzed as a sentence 6 letters PARSED
Perched on 4 letters ATOP
Chi follower 3 letters PSI
Hearing thing 3 letters EAR
Big hit 5 letters SMASH
Web addresses 4 letters URLS
Dark 5 letters UNLIT
Baking tin 6 letters PIEPAN
Language of Egypt 6 letters ARABIC
Sunday entree 5 letters ROAST
Small plateau 4 letters MESA
Evil one 5 letters DEVIL
Proof letters 3 letters QED
Sailor 3 letters GOB
Hibernia 4 letters ERIN
Dresser 6 letters BUREAU
Package stamp 7 letters FRAGILE
Mexican artist Kahlo 5 letters FRIDA
Slithery fish 3 letters EEL
Actor Stephen 3 letters REA
Had a bug 5 letters AILED
Hwys. 3 letters RDS
Piercing tool 3 letters AWL
Cardio-boxing routine 5 letters TAEBO
JFK’s veep 3 letters LBJ
Thee 3 letters YOU
Gather 7 letters COMPILE
Ms. McEntire 4 letters REBA
Worship 5 letters ADORE
Rearward 6 letters ASTERN
Monopoly card 4 letters DEED
Kenny G’s instrument 3 letters SAX
Madonna role 5 letters EVITA
Casual shirts 5 letters POLOS
Hebrew letter 5 letters ALEPH
Large gong 6 letters TAMTAM
Place for sweaters? 5 letters SAUNA
Young seal 3 letters PUP
Lanka lead-in 3 letters SRI
Polite address 3 letters SIR
Mattress part 6 letters SPRING
In a while 5 letters LATER
MSN rival 3 letters AOL
Enchant 7 letters BEGUILE
Equi- 3 letters ISO
Urban carrier 3 letters CAB
Snitch 6 letters SQUEAL
Postpone 5 letters DEFER
Goofed 5 letters ERRED
Test tubes 5 letters VIALS
Make lean 5 letters DEFAT
Botched 4 letters BLEW
Met melody 4 letters ARIA
Playwright Levin 3 letters IRA
Cotillion celeb 3 letters DEB

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