Eugene Sheffer Crossword October 16 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword October 16 2021 Answers:

Efron of Parkland 3 letters ZAC
Jason’s ship 4 letters ARGO
Asset 4 letters PLUS
Business mag 3 letters INC
Enlist again 4 letters REUP
Pop’s sister 4 letters AUNT
Compass dir. 3 letters NNE
Tide type 4 letters NEAP
Wine valley 4 letters NAPA
Set of deportment standards 13 letters CODEOFCONDUCT
Gore and Pacino 3 letters ALS
Chandelier singer 3 letters SIA
Billy goat feature 5 letters BEARD
Wager 3 letters BET
Cagers’ gp. 3 letters NBA
Journey 4 letters TRIP
Hake’s relative 3 letters COD
Naturalist John 4 letters MUIR
Blue 3 letters SAD
Cudgel 3 letters BAT
Gossip 5 letters YENTA
Supporting 3 letters FOR
River blocker 3 letters DAM
Chuck Norris film 13 letters CODEOFSILENCE
When I Was — 4 letters ALAD
Play opener 4 letters ACTI
Sound of surprise 3 letters OHO
Exceptional 4 letters RARE
Assess 4 letters RATE
Tom Collins liquor 3 letters GIN
Bobcat cousin 4 letters LYNX
Eve’s grandson 4 letters ENOS
Rds. 3 letters STS
Galvanizing metal 4 letters ZINC
Part of A.D. 4 letters ANNO
Sent a dupe to 4 letters CCED
Golf’s Palmer 6 letters ARNOLD
Coral formations 5 letters REEFS
Avocado dip for short 4 letters GUAC
Went up against 7 letters OPPOSED
Bamboo eater 5 letters PANDA
Maui meal 4 letters LUAU
Potentially offensive for short 4 letters UNPC
Sports figure? 4 letters STAT
Lawman Wyatt 4 letters EARP
Little louse 3 letters NIT
Mic Drop K-pop band 3 letters BTS
Historic period 3 letters ERA
Help 3 letters AID
Droid 3 letters BOT
Convent resident 3 letters NUN
Iota 3 letters BIT
Coach Parseghian 3 letters ARA
Commuter’s cash 7 letters CARFARE
Viral video e.g. 4 letters MEME
Ghostly greeting 3 letters BOO
Elis 6 letters YALIES
UPS rival 5 letters FEDEX
Same here 5 letters DITTO
Sagan or Sandburg 4 letters CARL
Skin care brand 4 letters OLAY
Phooey! 4 letters DARN
Read quickly 4 letters SCAN
Eggy drinks 4 letters NOGS
Voucher 4 letters CHIT

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