Eugene Sheffer Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Tavern 3 letters PUB
Flightless birds 4 letters EMUS
Abhor 4 letters HATE
Sound of surprise 3 letters OHO
East of Eden girl 4 letters ABRA
Zounds! 4 letters EGAD
Mafia boss 3 letters DON
Bitter 9 letters RANCOROUS
Biblical realm 5 letters SHEBA
Actress Basinger 3 letters KIM
Pac-12 sch. 4 letters UCLA
Riga residents 5 letters LETTS
Southwestern farm worker 8 letters RANCHERO
Mystery writer Paretsky 4 letters SARA
Exist 3 letters ARE
— living (make money) 5 letters EARNA
Fleur-de- — 3 letters LIS
Cabbage salad 4 letters SLAW
William — Hearst 8 letters RANDOLPH
Driver’s offer 5 letters HOPIN
Luke’s mentor 4 letters YODA
Kinsey study 3 letters SEX
Answers an Evite 5 letters RSVPS
Arrange haphazardly 9 letters RANDOMIZE
Mork’s planet 3 letters ORK
Big fair for short 4 letters EXPO
Historic times 4 letters ERAS
— chi 3 letters TAI
Salon request 4 letters PERM
Kvetches 4 letters NAGS
German river 3 letters EMS
Seed holders 4 letters PODS
Oops! 4 letters UHOH
Dog’s treasure 4 letters BONE
Diver’s malady 7 letters EARACHE
CEO’s degree maybe 3 letters MBA
Coffee vessel 3 letters URN
Bag 4 letters SACK
Messenger god 6 letters HERMES
Previously 3 letters AGO
Greek cross 3 letters TAU
Mag. staff 3 letters EDS
Black gold 3 letters OIL
Tampa Bay NFLer 3 letters BUC
Jet type 4 letters LEAR
Orderly grouping 5 letters ARRAY
Towering 4 letters TALL
Journey 4 letters TRIP
Obi 4 letters SASH
Impetuous 4 letters RASH
Guthrie of folk 4 letters ARLO
Tide type 4 letters NEAP
— account (never) 4 letters ONNO
Speech 7 letters ADDRESS
Insight 6 letters WISDOM
W. Hemisphere gp. 3 letters OAS
Prefix with natal 3 letters NEO
Marvel superheroes 4 letters XMEN
Cast a ballot 4 letters VOTE
Baby carriage 4 letters PRAM
Vail gear 4 letters SKIS
Gym unit 3 letters REP
Chopper 3 letters AXE
Morning Edition airer 3 letters NPR
Glass of public radio 3 letters IRA

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