Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Hoosier St. 3 letters IND
Crooned 4 letters SANG
Buddies 4 letters PALS
Formerly known as 3 letters NEE
Missing GI 4 letters AWOL
Wheeling’s river 4 letters OHIO
Marshmallow toaster 8 letters CAMPFIRE
Indolent 4 letters LAZY
Comes up 6 letters ARISES
Clean air org. 3 letters EPA
Bat wood 3 letters ASH
Excite 6 letters FIREUP
Letter-shaped hardware 5 letters TBOLT
Wine vessel 3 letters JUG
Ginger — 3 letters ALE
Steerer’s place 4 letters HELM
Singer Lana — Rey 3 letters DEL
Gratis 4 letters FREE
Mound stat 3 letters ERA
Wager 3 letters BET
Jacket flap 5 letters LAPEL
Burning 6 letters ONFIRE
Scale note 3 letters SOL
Knock 3 letters RAP
Form 1040 amount 6 letters INCOME
Out of control 4 letters AMOK
Flame-colored gem 8 letters FIREOPAL
Morse — 4 letters CODE
Winnebago owner briefly 4 letters RVER
Greek vowel 3 letters ETA
Obey 4 letters HEED
Desires 4 letters YENS
Soup container 3 letters CAN
Bygone Peruvian 4 letters INCA
Close 4 letters NEAR
Actress Moore 4 letters DEMI
Least risky 6 letters SAFEST
Make —! (birthday cry) 5 letters AWISH
Neither mate 3 letters NOR
Joyous 7 letters GLEEFUL
Of the Arctic 5 letters POLAR
Caught ya! 3 letters AHA
30 Rock role 3 letters LIZ
Tofu source 3 letters SOY
Song of praise 5 letters PSALM
Babe for example 3 letters PIG
Tombstone lawman 4 letters EARP
Peter Fonda role 4 letters ULEE
Rind 4 letters PEEL
Lt. Kojak 4 letters THEO
Swiss capital 4 letters BERN
Norwegian saint 4 letters OLAF
Lustrous black 3 letters JET
Cook as donuts 7 letters DEEPFRY
Edie of The Sopranos 5 letters FALCO
Bikini half 3 letters BRA
Hermits 6 letters LONERS
Ticked off 5 letters IRKED
Ambulance sound 5 letters SIREN
Oil cartel 4 letters OPEC
— Hari 4 letters MATA
Flair 4 letters ELAN
Essen exclamation 3 letters ACH
Curly’s brother 3 letters MOE
Poetic tribute 3 letters ODE

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