Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 25 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword November 25 2021 Answers:

Dream on! 4 letters ASIF
Meander 4 letters ROAM
Silent assent 3 letters NOD
Theater section 4 letters LOGE
Museo display 4 letters ARTE
Hot temper 3 letters IRE
Limo-rental time 9 letters PROMNIGHT
Tiara sparkler 3 letters GEM
Use a sieve 6 letters STRAIN
Sneeze sound 5 letters ACHOO
— Bamba 2 letters LA
Pie-in-the-face sound 5 letters SPLAT
Hayseed 4 letters RUBE
Former Delta rival 3 letters TWA
Roman 602 4 letters DCII
Bird (Pref.) 3 letters AVI
ISP giant 3 letters AOL
New England cape 3 letters ANN
Leaf 4 letters PAGE
Three in Rome 3 letters TRE
Tax prep pros 4 letters CPAS
Famous 5 letters NOTED
Rainey or Barker 2 letters MA
Horned beast 5 letters RHINO
Wine vessel 6 letters CARAFE
Summer mo. 3 letters AUG
Stay-up-late types 9 letters NIGHTOWLS
Whatevs 3 letters MEH
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Act of faith? 4 letters LEAP
Concorde e.g. 3 letters SST
Geezer 4 letters COOT
Jittery 4 letters EDGY
Swiss peaks 4 letters ALPS
Separate 4 letters SORT
Mr. Stravinsky 4 letters IGOR
Like does and hens 6 letters FEMALE
April forecast 4 letters RAIN
URL ending 3 letters ORG
Sports fig. 3 letters ATH
Rock genre 5 letters METAL
Bedtime drink 8 letters NIGHTCAP
Layered cookie 4 letters OREO
Audition CD 4 letters DEMO
Actress Long 3 letters NIA
Scoundrel 3 letters CAD
Duel tool 5 letters SWORD
Ale variety 4 letters PALE
Knock 3 letters RAP
Sch. founded by Jefferson 3 letters UVA
1996 Tony Shalhoub film 8 letters BIGNIGHT
London gallery 4 letters TATE
Chef Garten 3 letters INA
Connections 3 letters INS
Long time 3 letters EON
Songwriter King 6 letters CAROLE
Bar mixer 5 letters TONIC
Yoga pad 3 letters MAT
Runs (into) 4 letters RAMS
Colorations 4 letters HUES
Converse 4 letters CHAT
Dumbstruck 4 letters AWED
Banner 4 letters FLAG
Glimpse 4 letters ESPY
Chapel vow 3 letters IDO
Earth (Pref.) 3 letters GEO

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