Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Read quickly 4 letters SCAN
Entreat 3 letters BEG
Ella’s style 4 letters SCAT
Stance 4 letters POSE
Musician Yoko 3 letters ONO
Wheeling’s river 4 letters OHIO
Sleep like — 4 letters ALOG
Built to last 8 letters WELLMADE
Tennis star Nadal 6 letters RAFAEL
Dreaded 6 letters FEARED
Wilson’s predecessor 4 letters TAFT
Boxer Laila 3 letters ALI
Guaranteed 8 letters MADESURE
AOL and MSN 4 letters ISPS
Swiss canton 3 letters URI
Kagan of the Supreme Court 5 letters ELENA
Witticism 3 letters MOT
Disorder 4 letters MESS
Like some billionaires 8 letters SELFMADE
USN officers 3 letters LTS
Beget 4 letters SIRE
Old markets 6 letters AGORAS
Loudness 6 letters VOLUME
Acted friendly 8 letters MADENICE
Step —! 4 letters ONIT
Pond growth 4 letters ALGA
Fish propeller 3 letters FIN
Actress Merrill 4 letters DINA
Appear 4 letters SEEM
Prof’s helpers 3 letters TAS
Saint Laurent of fashion 4 letters YVES
Mast 4 letters SPAR
Soda flavor 4 letters COLA
Dating from 4 letters ASOF
Cancel out 6 letters NEGATE
Oatmeal servings 8 letters BOWLFULS
Compass dir. 3 letters ENE
Driving sport 4 letters GOLF
East African 6 letters SOMALI
Magnetism 8 letters CHARISMA
Staffer 4 letters AIDE
Three- — sloth 4 letters TOED
Salonga of Miss Saigon 3 letters LEA
Lighten 4 letters EASE
Grove units 5 letters TREES
Silent 3 letters MUM
— you awake? 3 letters ARE
Loosen 8 letters DISLODGE
Spices up 8 letters ENLIVENS
Group of seals 3 letters POD
Canonized Fr. woman 3 letters STE
Roundish do 4 letters AFRO
Rill 6 letters STREAM
Tune 6 letters MELODY
— Salvador 3 letters SAN
Latin I word 4 letters AMAS
Big wind 4 letters GALE
Winnow 4 letters SIFT
Brown or Yale (Abbr.) 4 letters UNIV
Coal source 4 letters MINE
Greek vowels 4 letters ETAS

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