Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 13 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 13 2023 Answers:

Pie-in-the-face sound 5 letters SPLAT
Shakespeare poem 6 letters SONNET
Aussie gal 6 letters SHEILA
Thank U Next singer Grande 6 letters ARIANA
Pre-Easter 6 letters LENTEN
Radio interference 6 letters STATIC
Queue after Q 4 letters RSTU
Sprint 4 letters DASH
Altar promise 3 letters IDO
Combine 4 letters POOL
Tic-tac-toe win 3 letters OOO
Hesitant sounds 3 letters ERS
Arrivederci — 4 letters ROMA
Use scissors 4 letters SNIP
Earring material 13 letters MOTHEROFPEARL
Appear 4 letters SEEM
Fascinated by 4 letters INTO
Non-clerical 3 letters LAY
Evening hrs. 3 letters PMS
Ruby and Sandra 4 letters DEES
Fan’s cry 3 letters RAH
Cold War initials 4 letters USSR
Baseball’s Rose 4 letters PETE
To-do list 6 letters AGENDA
Bawl out 6 letters YELLAT
Friendly 6 letters GENIAL
Baltimore bird 6 letters ORIOLE
Green light 6 letters ASSENT
Loosen 5 letters UNTIE
I’ll have what — having 4 letters SHES
Cooped (up) 4 letters PENT
Illuminated 5 letters LITUP
Pub order 3 letters ALE
Indian cooking style 8 letters TANDOORI
Back talk 4 letters SASS
Lawn care brand 5 letters ORTHO
Actress Long 3 letters NIA
Countrywide 8 letters NATIONAL
Wife of Geraint 4 letters ENID
Mexican snack 4 letters TACO
Camera type 3 letters SLR
Marzipan ingredients 7 letters ALMONDS
Mine yield 3 letters ORE
Sugary suffix 3 letters OSE
Type squares 3 letters EMS
Caviar base 3 letters ROE
Tennis’ Sloane winner of the 2017 U.S. Open 8 letters STEPHENS
Please go ahead 8 letters AFTERYOU
Roth svgs. plan 3 letters IRA
Layer 3 letters PLY
Let me think … 3 letters HMM
The Raven writer 3 letters POE
Egypt’s neighbor 5 letters SUDAN
Divided 5 letters SPLIT
Sitarist’s music 4 letters RAGA
Ice and Bronze 4 letters AGES
Bagel variety 4 letters SALT
Sci-fi race 4 letters ELOI
Yarn 4 letters TALE
Montreal summer 3 letters ETE
Never in Bonn 3 letters NIE

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