Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Preschooler 3 letters TOT
Camel feature 4 letters HUMP
Untalkative one 4 letters CLAM
Historic time 3 letters ERA
Bygone Peruvian 4 letters INCA
— avis 4 letters RARA
Does well golf-wise 8 letters MAKESPAR
Dear — 4 letters ABBY
Make happy 6 letters PLEASE
Part of TNT 3 letters TRI
Chess pieces 3 letters MEN
Amen to that! 6 letters IAGREE
Demolishes in Dover 5 letters RASES
Ultimate 3 letters NTH
— had it! 3 letters IVE
Fixes squeaks 4 letters OILS
Pod veggie 3 letters PEA
Follow 4 letters TAIL
Oklahoma city 3 letters ADA
Crow’s cry 3 letters CAW
Red-tag events 5 letters SALES
Gobble up 6 letters DEVOUR
Tear 3 letters RIP
Cookout briefly 3 letters BBQ
Comes up 6 letters ARISES
Delhi dress 4 letters SARI
Like a good golf score 8 letters UNDERPAR
Ink smudge 4 letters BLOT
Israel’s Abba 4 letters EBAN
Mil. morale booster 3 letters USO
Priestly vestments 4 letters ALBS
Old salts 4 letters TARS
ACLU concerns 3 letters RTS
Office part-timer 4 letters TEMP
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Seize 4 letters TAKE
Radiator sounds 6 letters HISSES
Release 5 letters UNPEN
Longtime record label 3 letters MCA
Bach composition 7 letters PARTITA
007 portrayer Daniel 5 letters CRAIG
Science room 3 letters LAB
Wall St. whiz 3 letters ARB
Potentially will 3 letters MAY
Chair designer Charles 5 letters EAMES
Fan’s cry 3 letters RAH
Iranian money 4 letters RIAL
Pop singer Sands 4 letters EVIE
Morays 4 letters EELS
Street 4 letters ROAD
Staffer 4 letters AIDE
Pole e.g. 4 letters SLAV
Fresh 3 letters NEW
Decorative flooring 7 letters PARQUET
Piglike mammal 5 letters TAPIR
Young lion 3 letters CUB
Temptresses 6 letters SIRENS
Life stories 5 letters OBITS
Doppler device 5 letters RADAR
Incite 4 letters SPUR
Sunrise direction 4 letters EAST
No seats signs 4 letters SROS
Govt. loan agcy. 3 letters SBA
The whole enchilada 3 letters ALL
Filch 3 letters ROB

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