Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 18 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 18 2023 Answers:

No-frills 5 letters BASIC
Steam baths 6 letters SAUNAS
Cuba’s Fidel 6 letters CASTRO
Realm 6 letters EMPIRE
Open as a letter 6 letters UNSEAL
Not as messy 6 letters NEATER
Villa d’— 4 letters ESTE
June honorees 4 letters DADS
Unpaid TV spot 3 letters PSA
Finn’s vessel 4 letters RAFT
Hindu honorific 3 letters SRI
Tease 3 letters RIB
Congers 4 letters EELS
PC picture 4 letters ICON
Party treats from Carvel 13 letters ICECREAMCAKES
Stubborn beast 4 letters MULE
Links hazard 4 letters TRAP
Span. lady 3 letters SRA
Muumuu accessory 3 letters LEI
Glitz partner 4 letters GLAM
Whatever 3 letters MEH
Hamilton-Burr event 4 letters DUEL
Contented sounds 4 letters AAHS
Island greetings 6 letters ALOHAS
Water park rides 6 letters FLUMES
Have hopes 6 letters ASPIRE
Foes 6 letters RIVALS
Chess expert 6 letters MASTER
Relinquish 5 letters YIELD
Proscribes 4 letters BANS
Celeb’s aide 4 letters ASST
Take the wheel 5 letters STEER
Glass of public radio 3 letters IRA
Strong apprehension 8 letters COLDFEET
Dispatch 4 letters SEND
Make — of (bungle) 5 letters AMESS
— tree 3 letters UPA
Quibbles 8 letters NITPICKS
War god 4 letters ARES
Antitoxins 4 letters SERA
Prompt 3 letters CUE
On the run 7 letters ATLARGE
— Lingus 3 letters AER
Estuary 3 letters RIA
Edge 3 letters RIM
Post-op area 3 letters ICU
Hotel personnel 8 letters BELLHOPS
Pipsqueak 8 letters SMALLFRY
Poetic contraction 3 letters OER
Code-breaking gp. 3 letters NSA
Bee follower 3 letters CEE
IRS employee 3 letters CPA
Do —? (Is it worth the risk?) 5 letters IDARE
Purple shade 5 letters MAUVE
Sir’s counterpart 4 letters MAAM
Frozen snow queen 4 letters ELSA
Manual reader 4 letters USER
Human rights lawyer Clooney 4 letters AMAL
Maintained 4 letters HELD
Radiator sound 3 letters SSS
Chart-topping song 3 letters HIT

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