Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 17 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword March 17 2023 Answers:

Lawyers’ org. 3 letters ABA
Staffer 4 letters AIDE
Platter 4 letters DISH
Entanglement 3 letters WEB
Swindle 4 letters SCAM
Galley supply 4 letters OARS
Puccini opera 8 letters LABOHEME
Military group 4 letters UNIT
Low clouds 6 letters STRATI
Tease 3 letters RIB
Heavy weight 3 letters TON
Leprechaun’s prank 6 letters ANTICS
St. Patrick’s Day color 5 letters GREEN
Antlered grazer 3 letters ELK
Sturdy tree 3 letters OAK
Beloved 4 letters DEAR
Do sums 3 letters ADD
Wrong 4 letters AWRY
Gore and Pacino 3 letters ALS
Hosp. section 3 letters ICU
Emergency signal 5 letters FLARE
Grammy-winning cellist 6 letters YOYOMA
The Greatest 3 letters ALI
Group of seals 3 letters POD
Infielder’s gaffe 6 letters BOBBLE
Undo a dele 4 letters STET
Retired 8 letters EMERITUS
iPhone voice 4 letters SIRI
Partner 4 letters MATE
Einstein’s birthplace 3 letters ULM
Dealer’s foe 4 letters NARC
Right on the map? 4 letters EAST
Novelist Grafton 3 letters SUE
Piercing tools 4 letters AWLS
Exhausted 4 letters BEAT
Shortened wd. 4 letters ABBR
Actor Kutcher 6 letters ASHTON
Strand during a blizzard 5 letters ICEIN
Weir 3 letters DAM
— Isle 7 letters EMERALD
Uncertainty 5 letters DOUBT
Author Fleming 3 letters IAN
Hindu honorific 3 letters SRI
White House monogram 3 letters HST
Western flick 5 letters OATER
Pen filler 3 letters INK
Nebraska neighbor 4 letters IOWA
Novelist Caleb 4 letters CARR
Terrier type 4 letters SKYE
Aussie greeting 4 letters GDAY
Move in Realtor-speak 4 letters RELO
Relaxed 4 letters EASY
Sch. URL ender 3 letters EDU
College community 7 letters ACADEME
Suspect’s excuse 5 letters ALIBI
Texter’s As I see it 3 letters IMO
Broccoli piece 6 letters FLORET
Eye-related 5 letters OPTIC
Helps a hood 5 letters ABETS
A/C measures 4 letters BTUS
Humdinger 4 letters LULU
Salinger girl 4 letters ESME
Nine-digit ID 3 letters SSN
— Maria 3 letters TIA
Blunder 3 letters ERR

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