Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Jessica of Dark Angel 4 letters ALBA
Wager 3 letters BET
Diner orders 4 letters BLTS
Broadway flop 4 letters BOMB
Hearty quaff 3 letters ALE
Aviation prefix 4 letters AERO
Short-range headlights 8 letters LOWBEAMS
Eliot Ness e.g. 4 letters TMAN
Road twists 5 letters ESSES
Girl Scout units 6 letters TROOPS
Flag feature 4 letters STAR
Hostel 3 letters INN
Guys’ dates 4 letters GALS
San — Italy 4 letters REMO
Favorite pal for short 3 letters BFF
Swiss canton 3 letters URI
Suggest 5 letters POSIT
Frazier foe 3 letters ALI
Country singer McGraw 3 letters TIM
Pairs 4 letters TWOS
Rocky outcrop 4 letters CRAG
Nabokov novel 3 letters ADA
Nickelodeon’s Explorer 4 letters DORA
At first in baseball 6 letters ONBASE
Golfer Palmer to fans 5 letters ARNIE
Capital of Ukraine 4 letters KIEV
The House of Mirth heroine 8 letters LILYBART
Antioxidant berry 4 letters ACAI
Music booster 3 letters AMP
The Good Earth heroine 4 letters OLAN
Hankerings 4 letters YENS
Refusals 3 letters NOS
Apollo 13 org. 4 letters NASA
Competent 4 letters ABLE
Novelist Anita 4 letters LOOS
Upscale autos 4 letters BMWS
Convent leader 6 letters ABBESS
Sheep call 3 letters BAA
Shade tree 3 letters ELM
Try out 4 letters TEST
Relay stick 5 letters BATON
Tangy bakery buy 8 letters LEMONBAR
Golf hazard 4 letters TRAP
Some heirs 4 letters SONS
Superlative suffix 3 letters EST
Mob scene 4 letters RIOT
In — (lined up) 4 letters AROW
Fix a lawn 5 letters RESOD
Belly 3 letters GUT
Shapiro of NPR 3 letters ARI
Succotash morsel 8 letters LIMABEAN
Japanese soup 4 letters MISO
Ga. neighbor 3 letters FLA
Pear-shaped fruit 3 letters FIG
School orgs. 4 letters PTAS
Diamond makeup 6 letters CARBON
Jazz great Miles 5 letters DAVIS
Shaft of light 3 letters RAY
Fine 4 letters OKAY
Pleasing 4 letters NICE
Flair 4 letters ELAN
The Lion King lion 4 letters NALA
Nest egg choices 4 letters IRAS
Sicilian spouter 4 letters ETNA
As I see it to a texter 3 letters IMO

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