Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Little rascal 3 letters IMP
Bottomless gulf 5 letters ABYSM
Zodiac animal 3 letters RAM
Klutz 3 letters OAF
Country singer Shelton 5 letters BLAKE
As I see it to a texter 3 letters IMO
Saves 9 letters SOCKSAWAY
Pantheon member 3 letters GOD
Ump’s call 3 letters OUT
Computer whiz 6 letters TECHIE
Prime Minister Gandhi 6 letters INDIRA
Part of Q.E.D. 4 letters ERAT
Fish-fowl insert 3 letters NOR
Genetic stuff 3 letters DNA
Attempts 5 letters STABS
Lummox 4 letters CLOD
Highland hat 3 letters TAM
Trade 4 letters SWAP
Mayhem 5 letters HAVOC
Congeal 3 letters SET
Citric beverage 3 letters ADE
Slangy suffix 4 letters EROO
Persuaded 6 letters SWAYED
Din 6 letters CLAMOR
Venus to Serena 3 letters SIS
Unprocessed 3 letters RAW
Averts one’s eyes 9 letters LOOKSAWAY
Docs’ bloc 3 letters AMA
Arctic native 5 letters INUIT
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE
Inlet 3 letters BAY
Civil wrongs 5 letters TORTS
Drench 3 letters WET
Cyclades isle 3 letters IOS
Chairman of China 3 letters MAO
Cpl.’s subordinate 3 letters PFC
Ridiculous 6 letters ABSURD
Conspicuous 7 letters BLATANT
Deviate off course 3 letters YAW
Emulate Gretzky 5 letters SKATE
Seth of Late Night 6 letters MEYERS
Pronto 9 letters RIGHTAWAY
Mine to Marcel 4 letters AMOI
Style 4 letters MODE
Japanese pond carp 3 letters KOI
Felines 4 letters CATS
Foot fraction 4 letters INCH
The Big Easy acronym 4 letters NOLA
Departed by car 9 letters DROVEAWAY
Remote batteries often 3 letters AAS
Ordered 4 letters BADE
Raced 4 letters SPED
Campus digs 4 letters DORM
Rations dinnerware 7 letters MESSKIT
Relax! 6 letters COOLIT
Contorts 6 letters TWISTS
Maine college town 5 letters ORONO
Red — beet 3 letters ASA
Beach crawler 4 letters CRAB
Tibetan monk 4 letters LAMA
Couple’s pronoun 3 letters OUR
Dazzle 3 letters WOW
Hearty quaff 3 letters ALE

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