Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Equip 3 letters RIG
Sudan neighbor 4 letters CHAD
Blend 4 letters MELD
100 percent 3 letters ALL
Honolulu’s isle 4 letters OAHU
Sheltered 4 letters ALEE
Liquid lumps 8 letters GLOBULES
Catches some rays 4 letters TANS
Balloon filler 3 letters AIR
Biblical peak 7 letters MTSINAI
Tabby temptation 6 letters CATNIP
Hankering 3 letters YEN
St. crosser 3 letters AVE
Scoundrel 3 letters CAD
On the up and up 5 letters LEGIT
Impudent 4 letters PERT
California wine for short 3 letters ZIN
Sailor’s saint 4 letters ELMO
Director Welles 5 letters ORSON
Pen tip 3 letters NIB
Verse by Pablo Neruda 3 letters ODE
Black gold 3 letters OIL
Bigwigs 6 letters NABOBS
Grapples slangily 7 letters RASSLES
Bottom line 3 letters SUM
Folksinger Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Model’s portfolio photos 8 letters GLOSSIES
Pisa farewell 4 letters CIAO
French river 4 letters OISE
CXII halved 3 letters LVI
Show ennui 4 letters YAWN
Lewd material 4 letters SMUT
Pro vote 3 letters YEA
Joplin piece 3 letters RAG
Under the weather 3 letters ILL
Crowing winners 8 letters GLOATERS
Going There author Katie 6 letters COURIC
Actor Holbrook 3 letters HAL
Excuse me … 4 letters AHEM
Like an attic maybe 5 letters DUSTY
Afternoon show 7 letters MATINEE
Panache 4 letters ELAN
Sultry Horne 4 letters LENA
He loved Lucy 4 letters DESI
Crib 3 letters BIN
French salt 3 letters SEL
Mafia boss 4 letters CAPO
Declare 4 letters AVER
La — Bolivia 3 letters PAZ
Cacophony 3 letters DIN
In a dismal way 8 letters GLOOMILY
Film buff’s website 4 letters IMDB
Low digits 4 letters TOES
Prematurely 7 letters TOOSOON
Diarist Anaïs 3 letters NIN
Zilch 3 letters NIL
Long-eared hound 6 letters BASSET
Toy bricks 5 letters LEGOS
Train alternative 3 letters BUS
Suggestive 4 letters RACY
Carmen solo 4 letters ARIA
Shredded cabbage dish 4 letters SLAW
Slender 4 letters SLIM
Buckeyes’ sch. 3 letters OSU
Night before 3 letters EVE

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