Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

JFK regulator 3 letters FAA
Couturier Christian 4 letters DIOR
Help a hood 4 letters ABET
Alphabet starter 3 letters ABC
Roundish do 4 letters AFRO
Like ganders 4 letters MALE
Danger signs 8 letters REDFLAGS
Cameo stone 4 letters ONYX
Bring to mind 6 letters RECALL
Ages and ages 3 letters EON
— de mer 3 letters MAL
Bob Marley’s music 6 letters REGGAE
Arctic sheets 5 letters FLOES
Club — 3 letters MED
911 responder 3 letters EMT
Shane star Alan 4 letters LADD
Scepter 3 letters ROD
Lake bird 4 letters LOON
Hail! 3 letters AVE
Society newbie 3 letters DEB
Oktoberfest dance 5 letters POLKA
Did a valet’s job 6 letters PARKED
That girl 3 letters HER
Attorney’s profession 3 letters LAW
Tertiary Period epoch 6 letters EOCENE
Bean curd 4 letters TOFU
Type of light 8 letters INFRARED
Homer’s son 4 letters BART
Terse denial 4 letters NOTI
Predetermine 3 letters RIG
N. Mex. neighbor 4 letters ARIZ
New Age singer 4 letters ENYA
Devious 3 letters SLY
Klinger portrayer 4 letters FARR
… sting like — 4 letters ABEE
Outlet letters 4 letters ACDC
NFL city 6 letters DALLAS
Patsy Cline’s — to Pieces 5 letters IFALL
Assoc. 3 letters ORG
Snow White’s sister 7 letters ROSERED
Surrounded by 5 letters AMONG
Prohibit 3 letters BAN
TV Tarzan Ron 3 letters ELY
Cowboy’s nickname 3 letters TEX
Notorious 5 letters FAMED
British ref. work 3 letters OED
Earth sci. 4 letters GEOL
Out of control 4 letters AMOK
Sicilian volcano 4 letters ETNA
Envelope part 4 letters FLAP
Volcanic flow 4 letters LAVA
River to the Baltic 4 letters ODER
Wild bunch 3 letters MOB
Merlot for one 7 letters REDWINE
Poet Federico Garcia — 5 letters LORCA
Narc’s agcy. 3 letters DEA
Illinois city 6 letters PEORIA
Clumsy one 5 letters KLUTZ
Substantial 5 letters HEFTY
Messes up 4 letters ERRS
Astronaut Armstrong 4 letters NEIL
Jittery 4 letters EDGY
TV schedule abbr. 3 letters TBA
Scull tool 3 letters OAR
Thurs. follower 3 letters FRI

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