Eugene Sheffer Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Vipers 4 letters ASPS
Short do 3 letters BOB
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Fall into a soft chair 4 letters PLOP
Carnival city 3 letters RIO
Fashion line? 4 letters SEAM
The Color of Money setting 8 letters POOLHALL
Wash 4 letters LAVE
Lukewarm 5 letters TEPID
Swaps 6 letters TRADES
Coagulate 4 letters CLOT
Little rascal 3 letters IMP
Hourly pay 4 letters WAGE
Commotion 4 letters TODO
— pro nobis 3 letters ORA
Scrape (out) 3 letters EKE
March honoree for short 5 letters STPAT
Reaction to fireworks 3 letters OOH
Prohibit 3 letters BAN
Furnace fuel 4 letters COAL
552 in old Rome 4 letters DLII
— de cologne 3 letters EAU
Tubular pasta 4 letters ZITI
Esteem 6 letters REPUTE
Makeup mogul Lauder 5 letters ESTEE
Oodles 4 letters ALOT
Billiard sticks 8 letters POOLCUES
Scram! 4 letters SHOO
Actress Longoria 3 letters EVA
Web addresses 4 letters URLS
Has a bug 4 letters AILS
Listening device 3 letters EAR
Terrier type 4 letters SKYE
Calendar entry (Abbr.) 4 letters APPT
— gin fizz 4 letters SLOE
Inside info 4 letters POOP
Do a film editor’s job 6 letters SPLICE
Bikini half 3 letters BRA
Peanut product 3 letters OIL
Piece of hardware 4 letters BOLT
Imam’s faith 5 letters ISLAM
Ryan Reynolds title role of 2016 8 letters DEADPOOL
Roof overhang 4 letters EAVE
Iowa city 4 letters AMES
Good cholesterol 3 letters HDL
Mob scene 4 letters RIOT
Beetle Bailey dog 4 letters OTTO
November birthstone 5 letters TOPAZ
Spider’s creation 3 letters WEB
Rap sheet abbr. 3 letters AKA
DNA source 8 letters GENEPOOL
Surrealist Salvador 4 letters DALI
King in Cannes 3 letters ROI
Sushi fish 3 letters AHI
Rabbit’s tail 4 letters SCUT
Decathlon event 6 letters DISCUS
Road runners 5 letters AUTOS
Business card no. 3 letters TEL
Tabula — 4 letters RASA
K thru 12 4 letters ELHI
Duel tool 4 letters EPEE
Ankara resident 4 letters TURK
Slithery 4 letters EELY
Being to Brutus 4 letters ESSE
Eggs 3 letters OVA

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