Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Tyler of Ad Astra 3 letters LIV
Favorite pal in texts 3 letters BFF
— Valley Calif. 4 letters SIMI
Bozo e.g. 5 letters CLOWN
Frog habitats 5 letters PONDS
High nests 6 letters AERIES
Storybook villain 13 letters THEBIGBADWOLF
Abel to Eve 3 letters SON
Fabric bundles 5 letters BOLTS
Lot vehicle 3 letters CAR
Downwind 4 letters ALEE
Big name in cosmetics 4 letters COTY
Tennis star Monica 5 letters SELES
Sculptor’s material 5 letters STONE
Bulletproof garment 4 letters VEST
Silver salmon 4 letters COHO
Naughty child 3 letters IMP
1965 march site 5 letters SELMA
Modern in Bonn 3 letters NEU
Mrs Dalloway author 13 letters VIRGINIAWOOLF
Serenade 6 letters SINGTO
Vermont ski resort 5 letters OKEMO
Domesticates 5 letters TAMES
Web addresses 4 letters URLS
Armed conflict 3 letters WAR
Prof’s aides 3 letters TAS
Sheets and such 5 letters LINEN
Film buff’s website 4 letters IMDB
Apparent 7 letters VISIBLE
Sheep’s cry 5 letters BLEAT
Crosses as a stream 5 letters FORDS
Kin of IMHO 4 letters FWIW
London neighborhood 4 letters SOHO
Knitting stitch 5 letters CABLE
Former liberal for short 6 letters NEOCON
Score units (Abbr.) 3 letters PTS
Roofing material 5 letters SLATE
Leaves 4 letters GOES
Use a wok 3 letters FRY
Flight stat 3 letters ALT
Bill’s partner 3 letters COO
Big rigs 5 letters SEMIS
— de corps 6 letters ESPRIT
Brave New World drug 4 letters SOMA
Unfreeze 7 letters THAWOUT
Ms. Vance to Lucy 3 letters VIV
Ad awards 5 letters CLIOS
Rho follower 5 letters SIGMA
Door sign 5 letters ENTER
Seasonal songs 5 letters NOELS
Avenue liners 4 letters ELMS
Avatar craft 3 letters UFO
Chew (on) 4 letters GNAW

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