Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 24 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 24 2023 Answers:

Methods 4 letters WAYS
TV spots 3 letters ADS
Transcript stats 4 letters GPAS
Part of Q.E.D. 4 letters ERAT
Roman 52 3 letters LII
Take five 4 letters REST
Taj Mahal city 4 letters AGRA
Casanova 8 letters LOTHARIO
Want dearly 7 letters LONGFOR
Like draft beer 5 letters ONTAP
Chow down 3 letters EAT
Future flower 3 letters BUD
The Creation composer 5 letters HAYDN
Actor Lamas 7 letters LORENZO
Mimic 3 letters APE
Church seat 3 letters PEW
Apt rhyme for spa 3 letters AAH
Auto shop offerings 7 letters LOANERS
Musical pace 5 letters TEMPO
Nay undoer 3 letters AYE
It’s c-c-cold! 3 letters BRR
Gospel group 5 letters CHOIR
Relaxes 7 letters LOUNGES
Like some menial jobs 8 letters LOWLEVEL
Prometheus actor Idris 4 letters ELBA
Peter Fonda role 4 letters ULEE
Busy insect 3 letters ANT
Long lunches? 4 letters SUBS
Combo 4 letters BAND
Prof’s aides 3 letters TAS
Hardy heroine 4 letters TESS
Prosperity 4 letters WEAL
Jason’s ship 4 letters ARGO
Knitter’s need 4 letters YARN
Put on as a play 6 letters STAGED
Dole out 5 letters ALLOT
French perfume brand 4 letters DIOR
Command to Rover 3 letters SIT
Starbucks size 6 letters GRANDE
Impudent 4 letters PERT
Nepal’s continent 4 letters ASIA
Go no further! 4 letters STOP
Time of day 4 letters HOUR
Enthusiast 3 letters FAN
Fiddle stick 3 letters BOW
Actor Linden 3 letters HAL
Mil. address 3 letters APO
Verily 3 letters YEA
French article 3 letters LES
’60s war zone 3 letters NAM
Use a ray gun 3 letters ZAP
So that’s it! 3 letters OHO
Season opener? 3 letters PRE
Executed perfectly 6 letters NAILED
Literary Jane 4 letters EYRE
Capote nickname 3 letters TRU
Papa Hemingway 6 letters ERNEST
Fabric bundles 5 letters BOLTS
Golf bag item 4 letters CLUB
Spanish greeting 4 letters HOLA
Closer actor Clive 4 letters OWEN
Sultry Horne 4 letters LENA
Adhesive 4 letters GLUE
Recedes 4 letters EBBS
Get lippy 4 letters SASS

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