Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Weighing device 5 letters SCALE
Sitar tunes 5 letters RAGAS
Fearful 6 letters SCARED
Using the Internet 6 letters ONLINE
Eagles’ homes 6 letters AERIES
Julianne and Demi 6 letters MOORES
Away from SSW 3 letters NNE
Auto style 5 letters SEDAN
Wager 3 letters BET
Food regimen 4 letters DIET
Cariou of Broadway 3 letters LEN
Visibility hindrance 4 letters HAZE
Cancel 5 letters SCRUB
Journeys 7 letters VOYAGES
Head of st. 3 letters GOV
Animal doc 3 letters VET
Lolita author 7 letters NABOKOV
Summary 5 letters RECAP
Plow pullers 4 letters OXEN
Felon’s flight 3 letters LAM
Sitarist Shankar 4 letters RAVI
Soccer’s Hamm 3 letters MIA
Prom duds 5 letters TUXES
Heavy weight 3 letters TON
E-business 6 letters DOTCOM
Boring type 6 letters NUDNIK
New citizen perhaps 6 letters EMIGRE
Is anxious about 6 letters DREADS
Messy places 5 letters STIES
Leaks slowly 5 letters SEEPS
Picturesque 6 letters SCENIC
Life’s work 6 letters CAREER
Onassis nickname 3 letters ARI
Cask sediment 4 letters LEES
’50s Ford 5 letters EDSEL
Peter the Great e.g. 7 letters ROMANOV
Shortly 4 letters ANON
Day- — paint 3 letters GLO
Car safety feature 6 letters AIRBAG
Allergy season sound 6 letters SNEEZE
Hourglass fillers 5 letters SANDS
Melrose Place actor Rob 5 letters ESTES
Lion star Patel 3 letters DEV
Yank at 5 letters TUGON
Misanthrope 5 letters HATER
— choy 3 letters BOK
— outta here! 3 letters YER
Library array 7 letters VOLUMES
— plume 5 letters NOMDE
Wise sayings 6 letters AXIOMS
Scram! 6 letters BEATIT
Preventive shot in slang 3 letters VAX
40 winks 6 letters CATNAP
Sidesteps 6 letters AVOIDS
Lipstick shades 5 letters PINKS
Repairs 5 letters MENDS
Rent 4 letters TORE
Foolproof 4 letters SURE
Hollywood trickery (Abbr.) 3 letters CGI

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