Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 14 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 14 2022 Answers:

Gold-loving king 5 letters MIDAS
Soviet space station 3 letters MIR
Actress Dennings 3 letters KAT
That — I ask 5 letters ISALL
Longoria of TV 3 letters EVA
Writer LeShan 3 letters EDA
What — mean? 5 letters DOYOU
Journal 7 letters DAYBOOK
Singer Timberlake 6 letters JUSTIN
Monster 4 letters OGRE
Med. plan option 3 letters HMO
Sweetie 3 letters HON
Different 5 letters OTHER
Exile isle 4 letters ELBA
Russian villa 5 letters DACHA
Deceived 6 letters MISLED
There 6 letters YONDER
Rocker Adams 5 letters BRYAN
Harvard rival 4 letters YALE
City near Venice 5 letters PADUA
Prefix with gender 3 letters CIS
Shrill bark 3 letters YIP
Teensy bit 4 letters ATOM
Frenzied 6 letters HECTIC
Pampering places 7 letters DAYSPAS
Dizzying designs 5 letters OPART
Dad on Black-ish 3 letters DRE
Swiss canton 3 letters URI
Bellini opera 5 letters NORMA
Feminine side 3 letters YIN
Favorite 3 letters PET
Idyllic spots 5 letters EDENS
Central 3 letters MID
Equal (Pref.) 3 letters ISO
Nine-to-five gigs 7 letters DAYJOBS
Matty of baseball 4 letters ALOU
Melting snow 5 letters SLUSH
Islamic holy city 6 letters MEDINA
Infamous tsar 4 letters IVAN
Shaft of light 3 letters RAY
IRA relative 5 letters KEOGH
Worship 5 letters ADORE
Greedy sort 5 letters TAKER
Plant science 6 letters BOTANY
Hot rum drink 5 letters TODDY
Skirt edge 3 letters HEM
Roman 1051 3 letters MLI
Discoverer’s call 3 letters OHO
Photo collections 6 letters ALBUMS
Doubter 5 letters CYNIC
Notable time 3 letters ERA
Workplace perk maybe 7 letters DAYCARE
Yalie 3 letters ELI
Gym unit 3 letters REP
Nails the test 6 letters ACESIT
Rice field 5 letters PADDY
Arcade pioneer 5 letters ATARI
Senior member 5 letters DOYEN
14 pounds 5 letters STONE
Aesopian also-ran 4 letters HARE
Apple product 4 letters IPOD
Young dog 3 letters PUP
LBJ’s successor 3 letters RMN

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