Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Vault 4 letters LEAP
— choy 3 letters BOK
Like — out of … 4 letters ABAT
Director Kazan 4 letters ELIA
Charged bit 3 letters ION
Arizona river 4 letters GILA
Org. for seniors 4 letters AARP
Sticky stuff 3 letters GOO
Petri dish gel 4 letters AGAR
Works with dough 6 letters KNEADS
Sarajevo locale 6 letters BOSNIA
Orange veggie 3 letters YAM
— was saying … 3 letters ASI
Emmy winner Alan 4 letters ALDA
Fascinate 8 letters INTRIGUE
One for the road? 3 letters CAR
Meadow 3 letters LEA
Med. plan option 3 letters HMO
Symbol of stability 8 letters EVENKEEL
JFK guesses 4 letters ETAS
Bond rating 3 letters AAA
Barbie’s companion 3 letters KEN
Impervious (to) 6 letters IMMUNE
Miserly 6 letters STINGY
Ms. Streisand to fans 4 letters BABS
Steal from 3 letters ROB
Vanished 4 letters GONE
Pennsylvania port 4 letters ERIE
4 on a phone 3 letters GHI
Vegan’s no-no 4 letters MEAT
Infatuated 4 letters GAGA
Texter’s Wow! 3 letters OMG
Choir voices 4 letters ALTI
Plumbing woe 4 letters LEAK
Flair 4 letters ELAN
Suffix for billion 4 letters AIRE
Tropical fruit 6 letters PAPAYA
Ear-to-ear grin 8 letters BIGSMILE
Tic-tac-toe win 3 letters OOO
Handle 4 letters KNOB
Tennis great Andre 6 letters AGASSI
Tucci/Shalhoub comedy-drama of 1996 8 letters BIGNIGHT
Jai — 4 letters ALAI
Skater Lipinski 4 letters TARA
Opposite of nyet 2 letters DA
Rowing need 3 letters OAR
Top card 3 letters ACE
Restroom for short 3 letters LAV
Have lofty aspirations 8 letters DREAMBIG
Born 3 letters NEE
Brags 8 letters TALKSBIG
Actress Thurman 3 letters UMA
Dawn goddess 3 letters EOS
Mal de mer 6 letters NAUSEA
The Sunflower St. 3 letters KAN
Puzzle 6 letters ENIGMA
Alien for short 2 letters ET
— to differ! 4 letters IBEG
Actress Kate 4 letters MARA
Thus 4 letters ERGO
Yuletide tune 4 letters NOEL
Pesky insect 4 letters GNAT
Bigfoot’s cousin 4 letters YETI

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