Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 13 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword January 13 2021 Answers:

Eden evictee 4 letters ADAM
Ref 3 letters UMP
Great Lakes fish 4 letters CHUB
Missile shelter 4 letters SILO
Dead heat 3 letters TIE
Cousin’s mom 4 letters AUNT
I agree! 8 letters HEARHEAR
Queue after Q 4 letters RSTU
Dubai dignitaries 5 letters EMIRS
Compassion 6 letters PATHOS
Detail 4 letters ITEM
Devilish laugh 3 letters HEH
Medics 4 letters DOCS
Doves’ home 4 letters COTE
GI entertainers 3 letters USO
La-la lead-in 3 letters OOH
Engine sound 5 letters VROOM
Polite address 3 letters SIR
Yoo- —! 3 letters HOO
BMW rival 4 letters AUDI
Melville captain 4 letters AHAB
OED entries 3 letters WDS
Balkan native 4 letters SLAV
Transparent plastic 6 letters LUCITE
Ore deposits 5 letters LODES
Rue the run 4 letters ACHE
Oho! 8 letters WELLWELL
Conspiracy 4 letters PLOT
Strange Magic gp. 3 letters ELO
Director Kazan 4 letters ELIA
Manhandles 4 letters PAWS
Firmament 3 letters SKY
Consider 4 letters DEEM
Queens stadium name 4 letters ASHE
Carpe —! 4 letters DIEM
Jai — 4 letters ALAI
Finicky 9Lives spokescat 6 letters MORRIS
Multipurpose truck 3 letters UTE
Actress Farrow 3 letters MIA
Criminal to cops 4 letters PERP
— blanche 5 letters CARTE
Top secret 8 letters HUSHHUSH
Golden Rule preposition 4 letters UNTO
A/C measures 4 letters BTUS
DDE predecessor 3 letters HST
Throat clearer 4 letters AHEM
Off-white 4 letters ECRU
Temperaments 5 letters MOODS
Homer’s cry 3 letters DOH
Tic-tac-toe win 3 letters OOO
Curly-tailed dog 8 letters CHOWCHOW
Work hard 4 letters TOIL
Chandelier singer 3 letters SIA
Globe 3 letters ORB
Expansive 4 letters VAST
Acknowledged 6 letters AVOWED
Slimming plans 5 letters DIETS
100% 3 letters ALL
Reindeer herder 4 letters LAPP
Pac-12 school 4 letters UCLA
Flock females 4 letters EWES
Takeout order? 4 letters DELE
Writer Wiesel 4 letters ELIE
Bridge coup 4 letters SLAM
Wapiti 3 letters ELK

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