Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 3 2023 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 3 2023 Answers:

America’s uncle 3 letters SAM
Mornings briefly 3 letters AMS
Hokey 5 letters CORNY
Opposite of post- 3 letters PRE
Decay 3 letters ROT
Maya Angelou’s And Still — 5 letters IRISE
Trench 3 letters RUT
1974 Jack Nicholson film 9 letters CHINATOWN
Jurist Fortas 3 letters ABE
Dev Patel’s role in Lion 5 letters SAROO
I did it! 4 letters TADA
Leb. neighbor 3 letters ISR
Antioxidant berry 4 letters ACAI
Dime portrait 3 letters FDR
Detroit record label 6 letters MOTOWN
Bumpkin 5 letters YAHOO
Asian noodles 5 letters RAMEN
— Funk (Bruno Mars hit) 6 letters UPTOWN
Supporting 3 letters FOR
Missing 4 letters LOST
Before 3 letters ERE
Baghdad’s land 4 letters IRAQ
Chopping down 5 letters AXING
Ostrich’s kin 3 letters EMU
1982 Billy Joel song 9 letters ALLENTOWN
— polloi 3 letters HOI
Banquet 5 letters FEAST
Sigma follower 3 letters TAU
Illustrations 3 letters ART
Boxer’s dream 5 letters TITLE
Method (Abbr.) 3 letters SYS
Spell-off 3 letters BEE
Jack who ate no fat 5 letters SPRAT
Island off Venezuela 5 letters ARUBA
Rationed (out) 5 letters METED
Curved lines 4 letters ARCS
Sweater wool 6 letters MOHAIR
Mixes up 5 letters STIRS
Arrivederci! 4 letters CIAO
Scrap 3 letters ORT
Carnival city 3 letters RIO
Sydney’s state (Abbr.) 3 letters NSW
Longing 3 letters YEN
Par 4 letters NORM
In progress 5 letters AFOOT
Arcade pioneer 5 letters ATARI
URL suffix 3 letters COM
Shock partner 3 letters AWE
Hostel 3 letters INN
Part of DJIA 3 letters DOW
Spanish gold 3 letters ORO
Actor Brynner 3 letters YUL
GI’s address 3 letters APO
Uplands for short 3 letters HTS
On deck 4 letters NEXT
Boston stadium 6 letters FENWAY
Mob scenes 5 letters RIOTS
Detox center 5 letters REHAB
Love to Luigi 5 letters AMORE
Rather 5 letters QUITE
Pot starter 4 letters ANTE
Wildebeests 4 letters GNUS
Astern 3 letters AFT
Floral garland 3 letters LEI
Long. crosser 3 letters LAT

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