Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Pow! 4 letters WHAM
Cave mammal 3 letters BAT
Farmer’s place 4 letters DELL
Video-streaming site 4 letters HULU
Lawyers’ org. 3 letters ABA
Grenoble girlfriend 4 letters AMIE
Frozen snowman 4 letters OLAF
Disinfect 8 letters SANITIZE
Actress Isabel of The Jeffersons 7 letters SANFORD
Ravi’s instrument 5 letters SITAR
— Little Teapot 3 letters IMA
Zero-star review 3 letters PAN
Bitten by a bee 5 letters STUNG
Tapas bar drink 7 letters SANGRIA
Football filler 3 letters AIR
YMCA class 3 letters CPR
Massachusetts cape 3 letters COD
Evil Ways band 7 letters SANTANA
Trademark 5 letters BRAND
Raggedy doll 3 letters ANN
Calendar abbr. 3 letters TUE
Vermont ski town 5 letters STOWE
Holy place 7 letters SANCTUM
Deli purchase 8 letters SANDWICH
Saab model 4 letters AERO
Level 4 letters TIER
— Paulo 3 letters SAO
Really pesters 4 letters NAGS
Do in 4 letters SLAY
French Mrs. 3 letters MME
— chic! 4 letters TRES
— on first? 4 letters WHOS
Luau dance 4 letters HULA
Arkin or Alda 4 letters ALAN
Breakfast bread 6 letters MUFFIN
Iraqi port city 5 letters BASRA
That’s not — idea 4 letters ABAD
Sunbather’s goal 3 letters TAN
Going together 6 letters DATING
Send forth 4 letters EMIT
Minnelli of Cabaret 4 letters LIZA
Lusty look 4 letters LEER
This — outrage! 4 letters ISAN
Texter’s Wow! 3 letters OMG
Standard 3 letters PAR
Airline to Sweden 3 letters SAS
— Maria (coffee liqueur) 3 letters TIA
Coffee vessel 3 letters URN
Hot tub 3 letters SPA
Sony rival 3 letters RCA
Charged bit 3 letters ION
Toss in 3 letters ADD
MSNBC rival 3 letters CNN
Garish 6 letters TAWDRY
From the top 4 letters ANEW
Chignon 3 letters BUN
Take back 6 letters RECANT
Sierra Nevada lake 5 letters TAHOE
Bygone fliers 4 letters SSTS
Shadow 4 letters TAIL
Draft status 4 letters ONEA
Swindle 4 letters SCAM
Rip 4 letters TEAR
Desire 4 letters URGE
Rolling stone’s lack 4 letters MOSS

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