Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Hexagonal state 4 letters UTAH
Joke 3 letters GAG
Europe’s neighbor 4 letters ASIA
Conference leader? 4 letters TELE
Peanut product 3 letters OIL
Once — a time … 4 letters UPON
Austen heroine 4 letters EMMA
Dress rehearsal 8 letters TRIALRUN
Meager 6 letters SPARSE
Cook slowly in liquid 6 letters BRAISE
Roe provider 4 letters SHAD
Fish propeller 3 letters FIN
Film lengths 8 letters RUNTIMES
Corvette roof option 4 letters TTOP
Rock’s Brian 3 letters ENO
Get —! 5 letters AGRIP
Jargon suffix 3 letters ESE
Mattress option 4 letters FIRM
Not yet apprehended 8 letters ONTHERUN
Pop’s mate 3 letters MOM
Commotion 4 letters STIR
Frightens 6 letters ALARMS
Released 6 letters ISSUED
Scoot! 8 letters RUNALONG
That’s — ask 4 letters ALLI
Termini 4 letters ENDS
Humbug! 3 letters BAH
Snitch 4 letters TELL
The — the limit! 4 letters SKYS
Pvt.’s superior 3 letters SGT
Gusto 4 letters ZEAL
Sporty trucks briefly 4 letters UTES
Office part-timer 4 letters TEMP
— mater 4 letters ALMA
Citizen Kane inspiration 6 letters HEARST
Pep rally shout 8 letters GOTEAMGO
Vacuum’s lack 3 letters AIR
Smooth-talking 4 letters GLIB
One way to serve café 6 letters AULAIT
Track competitor 8 letters SPRINTER
Debtors’ notes 4 letters IOUS
Novelist Rice 4 letters ANNE
Canine cry 3 letters ARF
Actor LaBeouf 4 letters SHIA
Bruce and Laura 5 letters DERNS
Game official 3 letters REF
Numerical prefix 3 letters UNI
Allied landing site on D-Day 8 letters NORMANDY
Don’t move! 8 letters SITTIGHT
Buckeyes’ sch. 3 letters OSU
Signing need 3 letters PEN
Greek consonants 4 letters PHIS
Quagmire 6 letters MORASS
Faux 6 letters ERSATZ
CCV x X 3 letters MML
War god 4 letters ARES
Galoot 4 letters LUNK
Weeps 4 letters SOBS
Fonda’s beekeeper role 4 letters ULEE
Jazzy Fitzgerald 4 letters ELLA

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