Eugene Sheffer Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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Eugene Sheffer Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Broadband letters 3 letters DSL
Squealer 3 letters RAT
Wee hr. 5 letters ONEAM
Slangy suffix 3 letters OLA
Sch. founded by Jefferson 3 letters UVA
Mrs. Flintstone 5 letters WILMA
Pallid 3 letters WAN
Ice-cream cone order 9 letters DOUBLEDIP
JFK info 3 letters ETA
Holy smokes! 5 letters YIPES
Floral garlands 4 letters LEIS
Lair 3 letters DEN
Curly cabbage 4 letters KALE
Existed 3 letters WAS
Vienna’s river 6 letters DANUBE
Host 5 letters EMCEE
Access the web 5 letters LOGON
African desert 6 letters SAHARA
Lawn coating 3 letters DEW
Editor’s keep it 4 letters STET
The Browns on scoreboards 3 letters CLE
Zilch 4 letters NONE
Expensive violin 5 letters AMATI
Distant 3 letters FAR
Orange liqueur 9 letters TRIPLESEC
Sailor 3 letters TAR
Seoul setting 5 letters KOREA
For shame! 3 letters TSK
Green prefix 3 letters ECO
Adolescents 5 letters TEENS
Hog haven 3 letters STY
Fresh Air airer 3 letters NPR
Wooden peg 5 letters DOWEL
Roofing material 5 letters SLATE
Island porch 5 letters LANAI
Sean Astin film 4 letters RUDY
Sidesteps 6 letters AVOIDS
Hosiery shade 5 letters TAUPE
They give a hoot 4 letters OWLS
Never in Bonn 3 letters NIE
Days of yore 3 letters ELD
French pal 3 letters AMI
Atlas page 3 letters MAP
Flex 4 letters BEND
Perspire 5 letters SWEAT
Recognized 5 letters KNOWN
Calendar abbr. 3 letters AUG
Wall St. deal 3 letters LBO
Still in verse 3 letters EEN
— Lingus 3 letters AER
Pub serving 3 letters ALE
Twisty letter 3 letters ESS
Yoga pad 3 letters MAT
Evita role 3 letters CHE
Pinnacle 4 letters ACME
Abhor 6 letters DETEST
Endures 5 letters LASTS
Frequently 5 letters OFTEN
Civil rights org. 5 letters NAACP
Goof 5 letters ERROR
Sad to say … 4 letters ALAS
Gross 4 letters ICKY
B’way show purchase 3 letters TKT
Sturgeon product 3 letters ROE
Hot temper 3 letters IRE

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